Why implement an ERP platform and what to take into account?

All entrepreneurship is focused on creating products for a specific market and grows to depend on the response from clients. The behavior of each business is different as strategies are applied and how well our client needs to be translated so solutions, how it is performed the post-sale service, and trustfulness.

When business is getting bigger new internal needs to arise that must be solved with new tools and infrastructure which enables process automation and this is when the first ERP software is born.

At this point, the interaction between technologies can be an issue and it is likable that redundant information is being loaded into platforms, which can lead to not having a clear understanding of what is happening to the business.

In the past, each functional unit had independent control tools but nowadays, it is required to integrate all processes: projects management, inventory, invoicing, sales, and others, to have real-time control of the business and have information to make the right decision and design strategies.

Hence, when we decide to get an ERP the following aspect must be analyzed:

  • Capable to integrate all areas.
  • Adaptability and flexibility so the minor changes possible to processes are performed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe, post-sale service available, backups, scalable so it grows with the business.

Let’s imagine we initiate family entrepreneurship related to handcrafted manufacture of food vacuum packed to be offered in our community. Our products get popular and we use financial incentive plan to create a new production line and warehouse. We agree with a market brand to supply our goods but quality certificated are required and so many other things could complicate the scenario. As a result, many new variables are now required to be controlled simultaneously. In this case, a whole ERP system must be implemented that could take 4-8 months to get completed according to the type of business, architecture, involvement, and many other parameters.

To emphasize the study of the whole aspects before making a choice will give us a global understanding and help us solve only actual problems but the ones that will arise in the short future.